In Between (Pleiades Press 2017)

“Some people use pens to write poems. Mita Mahato uses a scalpel. With surgical precision she cuts into the world’s throwaway materials–newspapers, old dress patterns—and renders from them poetry comics about—what else?—loss. With this technique, Mahato returns dimension and palpability to the things we’ve lost so we can reckon with them in the real world.”   —Rich Smith, The Stranger

“Emotionally deep and deeply beautiful, Mita Mahato’s cut paper poetry comics navigate tender and difficult landscapes with insight and a soothing visual clarity.” —Dana Walrath, Aliceheimer’s


WINNER Cartoonists NW Best Comic Book (2015)

“… a beautiful book — easily the most beautiful thing I picked up at Short Run — and it captures the mystery and the darkness and the majesty of the sea in a new way.”

—Paul Constant, Seattle Review of Books



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So very honored that Shenandoah Literary Magazine has given “Lullaby,” my new comic, an online home in their relaunch issue, debuting today. The issue also features an interview, in which I talk about my process and the thinking that went into this new piece.

There are print copies of “Lullaby” and I’ve just added them to my online store. I made “Lullaby” in response to the plight of the Southern Resident Killer Whales, whose population has been brought to fewer than 80 individuals as a result of our dams, pollution, habits, and policies. For the next week, I’ll be donating all money earned from sales of the print copy of “Lullaby” to the Center for Whale Research to support their efforts to help the Southern Residents. Get one for yourself and another for a friend! Thanks, everyone—and special thanks to Shenandoah’s editing team and interns.

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