Unidentified Feeling Object

Three pages.  A different narrative thread from the last … but I have an idea of how they will connect.  I think the only “word” too small to read is on the first page.  It says “MZZZZ” (but you can click on “permalink” from within the gallery to make the image bigger if you’d like).  For maximum effect, say all UFO sound effects out loud!

Found it very difficult to provide a bird’s eye view of the trees.  Any suggestions?  I think maybe if I had drawn and then traced and then cut them out, I could have anticipated the “look” a little better. Still, hoping I can get away with a lot for setting the story in “magic-land.”  Also, at some point I will stop writing elaborate prefaces.

Thanks for looking. :-)

6 thoughts on “Unidentified Feeling Object

  1. I like these pages a lot, Mita- breaking the forth wall by snagging the heart on the gutter in the second page and the ‘metapanel’ on the final page.

    I think the trees on the planet look OK- you are representing them as icons rather than ‘realistically’ but my observation would be that the zig zag outline of conifers represents the layering of the branches when seen from the side, which is relatively accurate, whereas from above they would probably look like concentric circles, with jagged edges, rather than ‘stars’. You have accurately forshortened them as they curve round the planet, although just before the crown disappears into the circle they would probably look like a frizzy tear shape ;-) Not an easy thing to represent. Keep going!

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