The Door

This strip was hard for me … partly because I was sick during much of its making (a stomach bug that wiped me out), but also because I’m getting into “the story.”  I’m having a hard time getting my bearings with the narrative—shaping the experience so that it reads clearly, as well as compressing emotions and events.  It’s not something that’s entirely comfortable, is it?  But I suppose that’s one of the issues I’m taking on here.  I didn’t compose that version of myself out of changing newsprint without reason.  It’s strange … becoming text.  Writing yourself into story but then letting that story take on a life of its own.

It’s funny, too:  I don’t think of “her” as “me” once she’s on the page.  In fact, I’m very aware of the things that I’m putting her through … and it gets to feel just a little sick and twisted.  I feel a little like I’m punishing her for what I went through—making her go through a grief that is so concentrated and intense.  I do want to be careful not to end every segment with her on the ground immobilized!  Good storytelling is hard.  Being honest with your experience plus good storytelling—very very very hard.

Sill, I am enjoying it all immensely (though I realized I prefer cutting to drawing!—at least this week I do …).

4 thoughts on “The Door

  1. These are exquisite, my friend. And so tactile. I’m finding the virtual medium frustrating, because the frames are so richly layered–literally and metaphorically.

    The path breaks my heart, almost as much as the final frame.

  2. Thanks ATH! I agree about the virtual medium being frustrating. And it’s funny that I’m posting the comics virtually since they really depend upon and make a case for PAPER. I will expect you to buy my zines, then, when I make them!!! ;-)

  3. Mita, these are absolutely beautiful! “Becoming text…” – yes, a surreal feeling, isn’t it? Like being referenced by your surname in an academic footnote. The cut paper is a wonderful medium – a virtual/paper crossover thought: you could, when you publish the ‘zine version, do some of these panels as sort of “pop-up”s, you know, opening the door and having text behind. You could then use flash or something to do that virtually, too – bridging the materiality gap, in a way?

  4. Love these ideas, John. Thank you! For the last few months, I’ve also been wanting to play with old school stop-animation techniques. Might give that a go as well!

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