Here is a page from a section I’ve been working on which, for now, I’m calling “morphine”—a section that will recount some of the uglier moments from the night my mom died.

Wishing I could have a month to devote to nothing but writing and storyboarding.  As it is, finding an hour here and there has been, well, not ideal  It’s been taking me about a month to produce a scant number of pages.  When they’re done, I look at them and think, “That’s not right.”  That’s not true for all of them, of course.  And the whole story is coming together  in my head so much more clearly than just a couple months ago.  Still, I need to find a way to devote more time to it.  I want what’s in my head to be on the page!!  It’ll happen.

Plus, exciting things afoot.  A new issue of Ivy coming soon.  AND I’ll be going to CAKE in June!