Except for the printing and binding, I am done with the 20-page excerpt!  Here is the inside cover:


The process of completing this excerpt was unusual.  I had a vague idea of what I wanted to include in Tree Girl’s tale, but I was clueless in terms of how the narrative would unfold.  Because of my time constraints, I needed to find a way past my writer’s block.  I decided to take the six or so empty pages that I had left to write and simply (simply?? pah!) began drawing panels and images—allowing the pictures to dictate the story rather than having a specific dialogue or narration in mind (though, again, I had a vague set of ideas in my head and some notes here and there).

imageFrom there, I began considering the words.  I spread all twenty pages  (some still blank) on the floor and was able to see better what the narrative as a whole looked like and where there were gaps that I needed to fill.  I re-wrote and re-drew plenty—and sometimes moved certain dialogue pieces to different panels.

image (1)

I ended up switching a couple of the pages around, too, to make for smoother transitions between the drawn pages and the collaged ones.  Hopefully it all makes sense!  I am eager to print and bind it.

To close, here is what one of the unfinished hybrid pages looks like:

image (2)

King Yeti: Night Watchman

I’ll be at CAKE (Chicago Alternative Comics Expo) this June and am hoping to complete a 20-page book(ish) that will share Tree Girl’s origin story in time for it.  Here is the mostly completed last page (I have 19 before it that are still in progress … ) featuring Kind Yeti placing the moon in the sky.  After it, you’ll see some process images.  Hope you enjoy!  And, if you’re in or around Chicago on June 15th and/or 16th, please come see me!  More on summer plans coming soon …



imageTree triangles:

image (3)Tree scraps:

image (2)Background:

image (1)