King Yeti: Night Watchman

I’ll be at CAKE (Chicago Alternative Comics Expo) this June and am hoping to complete a 20-page book(ish) that will share Tree Girl’s origin story in time for it.  Here is the mostly completed last page (I have 19 before it that are still in progress … ) featuring Kind Yeti placing the moon in the sky.  After it, you’ll see some process images.  Hope you enjoy!  And, if you’re in or around Chicago on June 15th and/or 16th, please come see me!  More on summer plans coming soon …



imageTree triangles:

image (3)Tree scraps:

image (2)Background:

image (1)

4 thoughts on “King Yeti: Night Watchman

  1. Thank you, Katie! And, yes, so so many trees. I’m still trying to figure out how to manage the more hybrid pages (drawn plus collaged images), but they should save me from tree-cutting induced RSI!

  2. Thanks Paula! All of the trees were made from scraps from another project—though these others may be too small to do anything with …

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