Better days

Me and Robyn Jordan, Short Run 2016

Me and Robyn Jordan, Short Run 2016

Short Run this year was phenomenal. And it also feels like ages ago. BT. Before Trump. I have a feeling that everyone who was a part of the fest this year will remember it very fondly.

“Patterns” and “Forty Two” are now both available in my online store. Because of what the Trump presidency promises to bring, I’ll be donating whatever money I make online through the rest of November to the Northwest Immigrant Rights Project and the Natural Resources Defense Council. It’s a starting point.

Paul Constant gave a mention to both “Patterns” and “Forty Two” in his “Best of Short Run” feature for The Seattle Review of Books. About “Forty Two,” he writes:

it feels like a personal document, like a handwritten letter. It’s so confessional, and so fun, and so celebratory, that it can pick a reader up even when it feels as though the world is burning down.

It does feel like the world is burning down AND I am really proud of what Emilie, Kelly, and I created in this book. There is a lot of work to be done ahead of us. I am grateful that art will help see us through. Take care everyone.