Laydeez did comics!

I had the amazing opportunity to collaborate with Comic Nurse (MK Czerwiec) for the purpose of writing up our visit to the Toronto rendition of Laydeez do Comics (held the day after the Comics and Medicine conference wrapped up).  MK sent me photos of the event, I would make cut-outs of the clothes (or a tree in the case of the first image), scan and send over to her, and then she would create these marvelous drawings (using markers–check out how awesomely tactile those backgrounds are!) to complete the rest of the image.  Here is the post.  If you have the opportunity to attend a Laydeez event, GO.

Too—the artists featured in our post (along with the two of us) appear in this article in the Toronto Globe and Mail that came out this past weekend.  !!!!!

MK and I had such a blast—learning from each other and about our own styles too in the process.  We’re excited to continue collaborating.  Can’t wait!